About Moxie AS

Diversified and Focused

Moxie seeks to be well diversified through multiple seed investments and intuitive investments.

The Moxie Group invests in diversified portfolios of businesses, but with some coherent criteria. Investments are carried out through equity acquisition and by debt financing. Typical targets for investments are start-ups, angel and venture companies, in addition to restructuring projects as well as real estate investments. Moxie has a long-term investment horizon.

Angel investments

These investments represent the core of Moxie’s investment strategy. Often, Moxie makes these investments even before the company has been set up. The early investments are followed with advice and support from the network Moxie has built both domestically and abroad. Usually a working partnership between Moxie and the founder is established. The angel investments are made in projects that have some uniqueness and with an international potential embedded. It can be an invention, a new business concept or a way of exploiting transforming technologies, – not necessarily a hi-tech invention in itself, though. Moxie AS has acquired substantial ownerships in entities focusing on research and development (R&D).

Special situation investments

As a result of continuous networking, Moxie is either invited into or finds special investment opportunities. These investments are done in projects where Moxie has special knowledge or enjoys trusted partners with such insight. It can be in real estate as well as in restructuring projects, and also in other special projects. These investments are always in the form of co-investments with other partners, and can of both a long-term and short-term nature.

Investment structure and development

Investments are carried out through equity acquisition and by debt financing and always together with partners. Advanced financial, structural and commercial planning, enforcement and execution are a  part oft the financial process. The engagements are completed through the parent company and its subsidiaries and associated companies. Investments and business developments are made in a broad spectre of industries, including company funds in securities, technology, trade, commerce and consulting services as well as in real estate.

Moxie was founded in 1999 by Knut H. Nylænde. He is the owner and CEO of the company.

Assisting portfolio companies

Moxie's goal is to assist its core portfolio companies in maximizing these businesses' shareholder value. The experienced team of successful entrepreneurs, business developers and investors helps to reach this goal. Moxie works as partner to the companies with the objective and aim to become value-added partner, assisting in the following areas: Business plan development, financing, identification of strategic partners, HR recruitment, marketing, business development, accounting and tax planning.

Partners / Collaboration

A core element in Moxie's strategy is based on the belief that collaboration in business is normally highly beneficial. This has many aspects to it.

Collaboration with the founders of the companies Moxie invests in is considered to be of the utmost importance and is often a prerequisite for success, both for the founders and the investor, measured against what both parties want to achieve.

A key element is that Moxie, in its investments, almost always co-invests with other investors. These investors are often invited by Moxie to participate. Obviously, risk-sharing is one benefit from this. Another benefit is that, more often than not, these investors may provide contacts or competence that can be of help and support to the company in which the parties have co-invested.

An additional aspect is the fact that Moxie has always enjoyed shared office with other investors and companies. One may learn more about this in an article written by Knut Nylænde: The Value of Collaboration in Business.


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Long term commitment

Core investments in seed projects, start-ups and growth companies are always planned to be long term commitments and are regularly combined with assisting the companies in their business development. Investments in projects of a special interest could be of both long-term and short-term nature. The long-term perspective makes it possible to create value not only through investment, but also through the use of a network of highly professional advisors both in Norway and abroad.